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The first priority is completing all of the building lockups at the beginning of their shifts. Our employees are trained to arrange their route in a manner that allows them to make, extra, proactive checks. These checks are completed in-between the regular scheduled checks within a shift. Once our officers have completed a check on a site they are at liberty to preform proactive checks as long as it does not interfere with their regular routes. 
Our company ensures that we do not overload every shift or our routes with too many sites to check. This gives the employee the ability to take their time while on each site before continuing with their route. Our team believes it is important to complete a detailed check of a client's site.
Each route is carefully planned and mapped out to increase efficiency, without putting unnecessary pressure on our officers. We work to best prevent the patrol officer missing issues or details that should be reported to the client. 


Lock-up Services:

We can complete lock ups at each site at specific scheduled times each evening. Most property owners like to hire a security service to secure and lock down all exterior or interior doors. We can also check them again throughout the night to ensure that all access doors remain secured.

Lock-out Services:

Our officers also respond to client's sites to assist tenants that have accidentally locked themselves out of their homes. This allows the landlord or site manager to stay home and let us take care of the work, should it be late at night or early morning. 



F.D.P.S. will respond to any burglary alarm activations with safety and tactics in mind. The property manager may include us as an emergency contact in case the alarm company receives any activations. The alarm company can then call F.D.P.S. and request that we send a unit to the property. Our employees are trained to carefully asses the activation and determine the cause. Once the cause is determined, we will then inform all involved parties and request Law Enforcement assistance if needed.


Documentation of any major incident is important. We complete detailed reports for all incidents that occur on our client's sites. Incidents like, unlocked doors, trespassers, suspicious vehicles, damage/vandalism to the property, lights that are burned out, any situations that may be dangerous and has the potential to cause injury to tenants, employees, etc. 


Our team is trained to be able to provide detailed foot patrols of your site. Having the ability to properly secure your property, remove any suspicious subjects and/or transients gives us the confidence to say for certain that your site is safe and locked down tight. 


If there is ever a situation where your property falls victim to any crime, we will react quickly to provide your site with more presence. If needed our team can temporarily post on your property for an extended amount of time, whenever there's down time throughout the shifts. The solution to stopping any further criminal activity from occurring on a site is saturation (constantly showing a presence somewhere and getting the word out to the public that security activity is high on that site).

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