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F.D.P.S. values the importance in using the right tools for the job. Our patrol personnel uses a Chevrolet Caprice, which is a larger patrol vehicle that offers great power, utility, and more room for equipment. We also use a Chevrolet Tahoe for even greater utility and the ability to drive on dirt roads for those sites that are in rural areas. All vehicles are equipped with with the appropriate tools so that our patrol officers can perform their duties when they are out of the vehicle.


We equip all of our vehicles with LED spotlights. These lights allow our patrolmen to completely illuminate our client's site and check for any trespassers, vandalism and to peer into suspicious vehicles. Most criminals will not be tempted to step onto a property that is constantly being illuminated by a bright spotlight.


Our company provides top of the line Streamlight Flashlights for every shift. This equipment has a rechargeable, long lasting battery and durable LED bulb. These flashlights are essential to getting the job done and will allow our patrolman to see anything and everything that happens on our client's sites. 


We recognize that CPR is a vital skill for all of our employees to have. F.D.P.S. requires all of our employees to have their CPR certification current, enabling all of our patrol personnel to react or respond to almost any situation. 


Our company equips all of our patrol vehicles with First Aid kits. Since our employees work primarily graveyard shifts, it is expected that we will encounter many diverse situations. It is essential that our officers be able to administer initial first aid to themselves or others when necessary.


There is a rising number of homeless encampments forming in the county, and we see or encounter fires that get out of hand on a nightly basis. Each patrol vehicle has a fire extinguisher installed in order to provide our employees with the opportunity to extinguish small fires, as long as it is safe for them to do so. 


Each patrol vehicle has a mobile laptop computer that enables our employees to enter times, notes, reports and information pertaining to each client site. Each laptop has Wi-fi technology for sending reports or emails to clients instantly, making us a more "eco-friendly" operation, while ensuring that all documents are more accurate, neat and organized. 

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