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Welcome to our site! We are very excited to serve our community and we accept the challenge of providing you with exemplary security services. We know you will find that our team stands out and our company possesses the experience and an eagerness to hit the ground running with fresh ideas, new services and high standards. 



My name is Andrew Taeuffer. My vision here is to introduce a company into our community with fresh ideas, while utilizing every employees knowledge and experience in this field. I want the opportunity to show you that our company can adapt to each client's individual needs and provide the best service possible. 

I have worked in this industry since 2011. I graduated the SRJC Police Academy and have acquired about two years of Law Enforcement experience as a Police Officer. I have a desire to take a different approach than other companies.

I have past experience working for several different local companies, and I've always noticed a few key problems within each one. First, having the right equipment to do the job is absolutely essential. Employees who work primarily at night, need to have the proper equipment to be safe and efficient.

Another common issue was simply, who these companies choose to hire. Often candidates are not required to have any specific skill set beyond the ability to fill out an application. These companies are only looking to fill a position with a body, regardless if the new hire is right for the position. I highly disagree with this method. I hire someone who is going to do this job with confidence, pride and have a willingness to work. I look for people who hold a high standard in ethics. 


First Defense Protection Services believes that prevention is the best way to keep criminal activity from occurring on our client's properties. We work to be proactive on every shift in order to constantly show a presence. We promise to operate with complete integrity, and provide the most professional, dedicated, and ethical solutions for our clients and all others we serve while on patrol.
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