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First Defense Protection Services has introduced a proactive company into our community that exceeds expectations, while bringing innovative ideas and services to the table.


Our team's combined knowledge, training, and experience gives us the ability to adapt to your personal needs, bringing you the confidence needed to leave your properties in our hands.

We believe that prevention is the best method to keep criminal activity from occurring on our clients' sites. We have several key tactics for accomplishing this goal.


Our goal here is to go above and beyond the services that other companies provide by implementing groundbreaking methods to better assist our clients with their diverse needs. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Patrol Services 

  • Lockup Services

  • Tenant Lockout Services

  • Alarm Response

  • Incident Response

  • Documentation (Report Writing)

  • Foot Patrols

  • Welfare Checks

  • Proactive / Reactive Security Checks


When it comes to providing a service to members of our community and their properties, we make it a priority to constantly adapt to change.


Criminals are becoming more tactful, and are aware when most companies routinely check clients' sites.


As a solution, our team staggers our patrol times, and we provide extra proactive checks when time allows. In addition, we remain current on any criminal activity near our client sites. Finally, we pride ourselves in providing our employees with the proper equipment while on patrol.

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